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WealthBuilders Investment Services

Within Authentic Counsel, LLC, exists our WealthBuilders Investment Services platform designed to teach and educates Christian investors on wealth creation and investment management. Solutions offered include customizing a financial plan and diversified investment strategy that manages risk while maximizing kingdom impact and generosity. If you are looking for sound financial planning and investment management services based on Biblical ethics and a Kingdom worldview, please contact us for more information about WealthBuilders Investment Services, an offering through Authentic Counsel, LLC.

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A Passion for Helping People – Making a Kingdom Impact Through WealthBuilders and Tricord Global

Billy Epperhart started as a pastor. After meeting a successful minister who said he’d be broke in ninety days without his ministry, he knew something had to change. While he continued his work as a pastor, Billy began aggressively investing in real estate and businesses. Before long, he was able to replace his income from his job with income produced from his assets. He realized, though, that everything he was doing to pursue wealth was to build bigger barns for himself. God showed him that he could use his wealth to help others, which is why Billy founded his non-profits, WealthBuilders and Tricord Global. Now, Billy helps others use their wealth to make a kingdom impact across the globe.