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The Kingdom Investor Coach 

Welcome to The Kingdom Investor Coach Program! Led by financial services industry veteran and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER­™ Chad Frantzen, this mastermind financial coach program will guide you through applying Biblical wisdom, leadership principles, and advanced investment concepts to catalyze your financial success. We also apply many of the teaching concepts of Billy Epperhart and WealthBuilders. You will walk away with a tangible plan and strategy in place and working for your family to walk in financial blessing and to impact the world for the greater good!  

So how would you explain what the Kingdom Investor Coach program is?

In tandem with WealthBuilders, we have designed this program to be an integration of Biblical wisdom and leadership principles with financial planning practices and investment strategies. We believe that in applying time tested Biblical values and modern leadership concepts, the path to destiny, purpose and impact in your life for the glory of God becomes more attainable.

The 2021 Kingdom Investor Coach program includes the following:

  • 12 month coaching program with Chad Frantzen, CFP®
  • Monthly Group Mastermind Zoom (Includes Over Chad's Shoulder)
  • Monthly 1-1 Coach Call 
  • Financial Mastery Book Club Series: Tax Free Income For Life + 3 others
  • Create your own Professional Advisor Team
  • Design your personal Family Kingdom Vision Plan AND Kingdom Investor portfolio
  • Implement Triple X Financial Strategy
  • Access to private alternative investments
  • Special guest speakers from the Institutional Investment Community
  • Email Support from the WealthBuilders Team
  • FREE WealthBuilders Event Tickets (WealthBuilders Conference, Real Estate Workshop Business Mastery Workshop, Investment Mastery, etc.)
  • Roundtable Video Conference Calls scheduled throughout the year with Billy
  • Free 1 Year Access to Wealthbuilders University (includes monthly Mastermind call- interactive)
  • Plus lots of bonus content and extras!

We have partnered with Billy and Becky Epperhart and Wealthbuilders to help make this mastermind coaching program possible. If you want to learn more about this exclusive 2021 training program, please email Chad Frantzen, CEO of Authentic Counsel directly at

We have a limited number of spots available for the 2021 Kingdom Investor Coach program. Investment in this first of its kind financial coaching program is $14,000. If you are ready to apply for this exclusive 2021 coaching mastermind, see the registration link below!

See our Approach to Values Based Wealth Management:

The Kingdom Investor

Listen to  Billy Epperhart and Chad Frantzen talk about WealthBuilders Investment Services

offered through Authentic Counsel.

Impact Investing for the Greater Good

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The Kingdom Vision Process

The Kingdom Vision Process

In the Kingdom Investor Coach program we go through several layers of teaching and coaching to help you and your family get on the path to financial literacy and freedom. Obstacles abound that want to prevent us from stewarding our abilities, roles, and resources to reach their full potential. We believe it is our responsibility to manage God given resources with humility, wisdom and a desire to make a positive impact on culture.

To learn more about The Kingdom Investor Coach program, please send us a line. Come learn how to incorporate your personal values and ethics to make an impact with your finances.

Thank you!